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When Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) was established in 1472 in Ingolstadt, the Faculty of Law was one of four founding-faculties. After the University moved to Munich in 1826, it soon became one of Germany‘s largest faculties of law. Today, the Faculty is committed to its well documented national and international leading position concerning research activities and holds itself to the highest standards regarding the legal education of its students.

Law degrees are required for some of the most demanding jobs in both the public and the private sector on the national and international level. The Law Faculty at LMU Munich takes all aspects of a broad legal education into account, providing its students with the basis for multiple career paths within the legal profession. In the first phase of legal studies this is guaranteed by mandatory courses in private, public and criminal law including the respective interdependencies with international law, the laws of the European Union, legal methodology and the philosophical, historical and social foundations of law. In the second phase various specialisations are offered ranging from an in-depth-study of subjects already covered in the first phase to more specific fields such as intellectual property, social law and labor law or medical law. In order to provide key qualifications required in these fields, the Faculty offers courses in negotiation, mediation, rhetoric and communication skills as well as soft skills in various other fields.

The Faculty also offers multiple possibilities for studying abroad, attending summer schools and international cooperation for study and research projects. The Faculty’s close cooperation with the LMU Office of International Affairs provides for assistance to all international students - including personal peer students (LMU Buddy Programme), semester events, group excursions, and multiple other activities.

The Faculty is home to one of Germany‘s largest law libraries enabling its students and staff to conduct in-depth research in all areas of law. The research conducted and published by the Law Faculty is highly renowned, nationally and internationally. This is evidenced by the large output of notable publications, the fact that many German law professors were educated at the Faculty, numerous international honors, prestigious scholarships and research grants which have been awarded to Faculty members, the contribution of Faculty members to all leading law commentaries in Germany, the appointment of current and former Faculty members to the Federal Constitutional Court and one former member to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

The Faculty is also actively involved in specialised collaborative research projects on the national and international level.