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LL.M. Programme on the Basics of German Law (taught in German)

LL.M. Programme on the Basics of German Law

The programme is designed for graduates who obtained their first law degree outside of Germany. It teaches the basics of German law and provides students with the necessary skills for working independently on scientific research projects.

The programme takes one year and is divided into two semesters. Classes are held from October 15 to February 20 and from April 15 to July 20. Up to 6 months additional time are required for writing the master’s thesis.

Students have to participate and pass written in-class exams in the following courses:

  • German Civil Law 42 credit hours
  • German Public Law 42 credit hours
  • German Criminal Law 28 credit hours

Furthermore, students are required to draft a seminar paper in a seminar of their choice (28 credit hours) and participate in 14 other courses chosen freely from the law faculty’s curriculum. In total students will complete 336 credit hours.

The final exam comprises three oral exams in civil law, public law and criminal law and a thesis of approximately 50 pages.

The ECTS system is applied. Depending on the classes chosen by the students, at least 54 ECTS credit points will be conferred.

All lessons are held in German and all exams as well as the master’s thesis must be completed in German.

For further information and the application formalities please click here.