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Formation in German Law (First State Examination; taught in German)

The programme covers all fields of European, German and Bavarian civil, public and criminal law in depth and also considers historical, social, economic and political aspects of law. Throughout four to five years, it prepares students for the first examination in law (“Erste juristische Prüfung”). Successful students are qualified to complete a 2-year practical state training programme in all legal professions (“Referendariat”) and participate in the second state examination in law (“Zweite juristische Staatsprüfung”). Having passed the second examination, graduates are qualified to work in all legal professions in Germany.


The academic year is divided into a winter and a summer semester; classes are from October to February and from April to July, respectively.

Lessons are held in German and exams must be written in German.

For further details see the German Homepage of the Faculty.